The industry standard FIX protocol offers the granularity, flexibility and connectivity to fully support the communication of trade details between asset managers, brokers, clearing agencies and custodian banks. Recognizing these capabilities, leading asset managers and broker/dealers have embraced the FIX protocol as a uniform standard that can serve all participants in the post-trade world.

They offer innovative technology and the highest level of strategic consultation to enable our clients to achieve these goals.Their mission is clear & their expertise in post-trade is unmatched. And our solutions are backed by experienced technology and investment professionals who understand the entire investment process, from pre- to post-trade, Alpha to Omega

Apozy is an early stage startup supplying the missing piece to the security puzzle for enterprises - “The Human Firewall”. In a world where there is a multitude of security technologies needed to defend the franchise- anti-virus, intrusion prevention, firewall, advanced malware protection, etc., the biggest most public attacks on corporations have been socially engineered, leveraging content posted by humans against humans. Apozy trains users on how to protect themselves and their employees from this kind of attack in an engaging manner.
Sand Hill East has worked with the two founders of Apozy from a very early stage, investing ourselves, introducing the founders to other sources of investment, introducing strategic clients and bringing outside expertise to bear on the company’s product and go to market strategy. The product will be launched in beta in late August and v1 will be launched in production later in the year

E-Dapt is a platform that enables the enterprise to securely integrate legacy and new apps on any device, with no change to the underlying source code. AppBus delivers a native, seamless user experience to your business users. They support access based configuration by role, allowing the enterprise to enforce policy on services and corporate data They minimize human error by automatically passing related data between applications, services and business. Highly secure architecture keeps all sensitive data on servers, behind the firewall making AppBus the ultimate solution for any enterprise company.

Callsign’s unique Intelligence Driven Authentication (IDA) solution enables more informed and truly adaptive access control decisions, putting enterprises and their users back in control. This reduces false rejection rates and increases security, delivering the following key benefits:

• Genuine users get frictionless access to whatever they need, from wherever they need it.
• Reduces the number of help desk calls, due to frustrated users.
• Introduces additional hurdles for fraudsters, ensuring they are identified and caught.

By combating phishing, Man In The Middle and advanced malware threats, Callsign’s IDA provides proactive protection. It can also be used as an evidence store for breach investigations to satisfy regulatory requirements, such as GDPR. By combining a number of key capabilities and presenting an intuitive dashboard, Callsign helps risk officers to dynamically adapt their security posture.

Digital asset builds distributed, encrypted straight through processing tools. Their technology improves efficiency, security, compliance and settlement speed.

Digital Asset works with clients to co-develop Business Logic Engines tailored for the needs of specific asset classes and markets. They have developed a powerful cross-application platform that quickly and easily builds Business Applications without having to deal with ledger specifics.

Founded in 1995, Enterprise Engineering, Inc. (EEI) is an industry-leading software and IT consulting services firm serving the world’s largest Financial Institutions and premier wealth managers. EEI is recognized as an innovative and well established leader in the FinTech community. With approximately one-hundred-twenty-five full time equivalents, EEI is also known for being collaborative, outcome-driven and client-focused with a reputation for quality, reliability, ethics, and innovation. By combining our services and software products, EEI creates award winning solutions that meet and exceed client expectations.

EEI’s Trusted Network Platform™ facilitates data access, aggregation and transaction processing for more than seventy-five Financial Institutions and over twenty service providers, enabling access to over 16,000 sources of financial data. In addition, our Commander™ and Tax Navigator™ software products integrate with multiple personal financial management tools, accounting software, tax packages, expense management, wealth management, financial planning, and other applications.

From 2014 through 2016, EEI received numerous awards including “Excellence in Wealth Management” and “Financial Software Solutions Provider of the Year – USA” from Corporate Livewire, “Best Financial Services Software Developers” from Technology Innovator Awards, “Most Innovative in Wealth Management” from Wealth and Finance International, and several others. Most recently, Wealth & Finance Magazine named EEI “Most Innovative Asset Aggregation Solution” for our Trusted Network Platform™.

FinTech Studios is a leading CLOUD-BASED PLATFORM of curated, disruptive FinTech apps and big-data financial analytic products operated in partnership with leading FinTech startups, financial institutions, data providers, and strategic partners.

Jim Tousignant CEO and Founder, FinTech Studios
It has been a real pleasure working with the Sand Hill East team. Their guidance on how to position ourselves to the market and strategic introductions to clients and partners has truly helped accelerate our business. If you are a start up in the Fintech space I would absolutely recommend working with Sand Hill.”

Traditionally, enterprise applications are expensive to build and support because of scale and integration requirements. The problem of scale is quickly being solved by the rise of reactive frameworks. But Integration is still a problem

Galactic Fog’s Gestalt framework makes it easy to build high quality applications that can be integrated into complex systems in simple ways.

Anthony Skipper CEO, Galactic Fog
The Sand Hill East Team has delivered incredible value for Galactic Fog. They have provided us with a wide range of critical advisory services including business strategy, market positioning, operations support, and client/strategic introductions. They also introduced us to our first client. The overall impact of our Sand Hill relationship has really helped accelerate our business.”

Guidewire serves one industry and focuses on one challenge—enabling you to replace your legacy core systems. They build great software so you can focus on your business. They also invest more in P/C core system engineering than any other company—more than 800 persons-years to date.
The work is complicated, requiring deep understanding of both the insurance business and expert software engineering. Guidewire builds extremely flexible solutions that advance functionally and technically with every new release so that all of its’ customers benefit.

INPENSA is focused on helping organizations understand, monitor, and assess the return and cost/benefit of every dollar spent. Inpensa’s Enterprise Business Value Management solution enables organizations to focus on identifying, managing and tracking the value of strategic investments. Inpensa’s solution allows organizations to become more efficient through Strategic Portfolio Planning and Value Realization and also by leveraging automated systems and processes to drive down costs. Sand Hill East worked closely with Inpensa on funding and has made strategic customer introductions.

Suraj Nekram CEO and Founder Inpensa Inc.
Sand Hill East stands out in my opinion because they are focused on taking action and delivering results. Their expertise and broad network with both investors and potential customers have proven to be a wining combination. I particularly like their practical and hands on approach. They have become an important and strategic partner in our eco-system.”

Lastline is focused on real-time analysis of advanced malware and knowing the Internet's malicious infrastructure. Lastline leverages this threat intelligence to create advanced malware defenses for companies of all sizes.

By focusing on cloud-based automated systems and processes, Lastline has developed the technology to analyze advanced malware at an unprecedented speed and volume. This gives Lastline the ability to analyze binaries and web content in real-time as it enters the Enterprise network, as well as the ability to map the Malscape at a level of accuracy and relevance not previously available. Lastline's higher level of accuracy and attention to the everyday requirements of IT managers allows for the delivery of actionable threat intelligence to security teams and to companies that rely on managed security services for their protection.

LMRKTS focuses on the derivatives contracts that represent the highest cost to banks, those signed outside the clearinghouses. Banks report and reconcile their counterparty exposures through these contracts on LMRKTS' platform, and LMRKTS' algorithms look at banks' exposures and suggest trades they may want to add or delete.

Gives a holistic view of credit risk in Banks’ trading portfolios. LMRKTS gets paid if banks choose the exposure-reducing trades it recommends.

Lucio Biase CEO, LMRKTS
The experience and advice I have received from the Sand Hill Team would have taken us decades to gain on our own or significant amounts of fundraising and dilution to hire. Instead, we have gotten unparalleled attention to detail, follow through and responsiveness. Rivals that of an employee and we are just a small portion of the SHE portfolio.”

Modelshop puts the power of real-time decisions into the hands of business analysts, by providing a level of data modeling, logic sophistication and performance that exceeds most production application environments. Modelshop allows business analysts to model their decisions in detail which helps clients run their business, with unprecedented flexibility, visibility and control.

Tom Tobin Founder, Modelshop
Sand Hill East has accelerated Modelshop's trajectory at a level I never anticipated when we began working together. Andy and team are amazing at translating raw technical capabilities into tangible business benefit and an introduction from Sand Hill East Team is worth its weight in gold. You walk into the conversation with instant credibility.”

MOOG transforms Singular Service Management into Situational Service Management for Cloud and self healing infrastructures. MOOG reduces the cost and effort involved in managing incidents and problems in modern service delivery infrastructure. MOOG industrialises service management and automatically identifies abnormal situations in real-time then goal orchestrates the stakeholder resources. It eliminates the need for instrumentation to monitor new and changed business services. Adaptive Big Data algorithms replaces the maintenance of brittle rules, business logic and topology models, reducing the IT inertia that impacts business change.
Sand Hill East successfully worked as an advisor to MOOG from it’s inception to its multi-million dollar Series A & B. We also introduced MOOG to strategic industry players that resulted in many multi-year generating deals for MOOG.

The Mobile Marketing Cloud is a comprehensive cross-platform 'system of engagement' solution that empowers brands to automatically deliver personally targeted and situationally appropriate content, experiences, functionality and advertising based on customer knowledge and real-time signal data from beacons, smartphones and other connected devices.

MsgIo removes friction from all aspects of the customer journey including loyalty programs and offers, in-store experiences, CRM and social advocacy, in addition to contactless payments following an Apple Pay integration.

Through a unique combination of mobile-first marketing automation, predictive analytics, context-sensitivity and personalization at scale, our partners optimize every customer experience, deepen loyalty and grow sales.

Chat is how the world communicates, but is insufficient for business needs.

Novastone delivers a highly secure, mobile-centric instant messaging platform designed for business users who need to provide a high-touch, personalized client experience through relationship teams. The solution is searchable, secure and delivers improved regulatory compliance via a self-documenting body of advisory evidence/CRM integration.

OpenSCG aims to be the world’s most complete and developer-friendly distribution of the world's leading open source database management system, Postgres. In addition to it's core distribution offering, OpenSCG is integrated with more than 20 open source projects that make it easier to do Postgres development, integration, scale-out, and management, as well as migrations from proprietary databases. All OpenSCG components are 100% open source, tested to work together, and include many of the leading Postgres-centric projects today. 

RevolutionCredit's unique engagement platform AND database of unique consumer behavioral economic data transforms the credit decisioning process for both lenders and consumers.

RevolutionCredit was founded in 2012 by Zaydoon Munir, a veteran of Experian and the credit and financial services industry. The company is backed by an impressive group of financial services entrepreneurs including the former CEO of FICO and current Board Fellow, the founders of,,, and The company is headquartered in Irvine, California.

Founder Ajay returned from a summer abroad to a ransacked apartment: his roommate had cleaned him out. In an instant, he lost his home, a hefty security deposit, and a lifetime of furniture and other belongings.

Searching for a roommate is incredibly difficult. Browsing Craigslist, trading dozens of emails and screening numerous applicants to find a good fit. Roomi eliminates the work and stress of finding the best rooms and roommates. Today people are looking for more than someone to simply split the bills with; they’re looking for friends, colleagues & a place they’re happy to call home.

Don’t let it happen to you.We offer a safe, efficient alternative to the random roommate lottery. No more sifting through listings: our streamlined specs and photos make finding the right roomi as easy as checking boxes. Roomi users are also Facebook verified, to enable you to learn a little about them before you commit.

Ajay Yadav Founder & CEO, Roomi
Working with Sand Hill has been absolutely indispensable to Roomi. Not only have their strategic introductions and connections amplified Roomi's growth and development, but they have been a pleasure to work with.”

Street Contxt is the new way that Wall Street finds, shares and collaborates on ideas and market-moving trends. Drawing on leaders of the consumer web for inspiration, we’ve created a better way to share information globally for one of the most influential, dynamic, and complex industries in the world.

Blair Livingston CEO Street Contxt
Sand Hill East has proven time and time again that they are more than investors – they are partners. Andy and the Sand Hill East Team have helped us meet new potential hires, open new markets, and close strategic clients. There is nothing more that you could ask for in an investor, and a partner, as you build a global business”

truePTS delivers an innovative, independent platform, focused on revolutionising all post-trade workflows in derivatives and related financial products. We decrease costs and increase simplicity by making every step of a trade’s post-execution life cycle completely automated.

Zohar Hod CEO TruePTS
Andy Brown is unique, in that he sits at the intersection of innovation and real business expertise. He understood the type of leadership that TruePTS needed and advised the founders on the right person to lead a complex platform business. I consider Andy a mentor. He has really helped us connect with a large number of prospective clients and investors that we could not have reached on our own.”

Untapt is redefining tech hiring. It’s a talent marketplace that connects technology professionals with the companies that need them. Behind the scenes, untapt uses AI to match the skills and goals of candidates with the wants and needs of managers. The algorithm uses state-of-the-art Deep Learning techniques. It learns from every hiring manager decision, so it gets better and better at predicting the right fit. The platform specializes in technology roles in FinTech and Financial Services in the US, with plans to scale to all tech hiring globally. Clients range from early stage startups to global financial institutions. The platform can also be used to promote internal mobility within an enterprise. It allows employees to explore job openings inside the company, encouraging career advancement and improving retention. It enables firms to position their workforce for the future, by understanding the skills they have and the skills they need.

Ed Donner Co-Founder and CEO, Untapt
This is what real business acceleration feels like. It’s not just the ideation, not just the connectivity, not just the strategic advice, but the combination of all three that has propelled our business forwards. We’ve won customers, raised funds and innovated our product as a direct result. Andy and the Sand Hill East team have relentless energy and an ability to multiply everything they touch. I’m glad they’re using their powers for good.”

Wickr offers the ability for all its messages — photos, videos, voice calls and text messages — to self destruct after a period of time. The data is encrypted on the sending device and decrypted on the receiving device, and Wickr doesn’t have the key to unlock the data.
The result is millions of top-secret messages served each day in almost every country in the world.

Zscaler is one of the most exciting technology companies and one of the top IPO candidates for 2015. As the most innovative firm in the $35 billion security market, the company is focused on bringing cloud computing to Internet security.

Just as Salesforce transformed the CRM market, Zscaler is revolutionizing the world of Internet security.Today, Zscaler protects more than 12 million users at more than 5,000 of the world’s leading enterprises and government organizations worldwide against cyberattacks and data breaches while staying fully compliant with corporate and regulatory policies. Global 1000 brands such as GE, Nestlé, ExxonMobil, Schneider Electric, plus government and military organizations like the United States Marines, NATO and the National Health Services of the UK rely on Zscaler to provide a safe and productive Internet experience for all of their users, from any device and from any location around the world.