Kathryn Robinson

Partner - Marketing/Business Strategy

Kathryn is a Partner focused on strategic marketing and messaging/offer development. Kathryn brings an ability to combine messaging, with pragmatic planning and prioritization of marketing execution. Her passion for helping clients define technology in customer audience relevant terms and stories is born of her experiences on both sides of the negotiating table - as a business customer and a leader in variety of technology vendor functions. Based out of the Research Triangle Park area of NC, Kathryn’s experience spans over 25 years in technology companies in a wide variety of functional and global roles.
For the last (5) years, Kathryn has been CEO of Lumen Strategies, focused on marketing and business strategy consulting. Prior to Lumen, Kathryn held a number of leadership roles across product/service management & marketing, networking design/operations, professional services practice leadership, and sales and business development. She held these roles at Cisco Systems (16 yrs), Turner Broadcasting, Sprint Emerging Technologies group.
Kathryn holds a BS in Business Admin with an emphasis in finance from the University of NC, Chapel Hill.