Daniel Gastel


Daniel Gastel is a management consultant with nearly three decades’ experience in both small and large scale firms, leveraging quantitative analysis, foresight, and technology to solve business problems and improve operational results. Skilled in both strategy and execution, Gastel has played leading roles in global initiatives at major banks, most recently at Bank of America, where he helped insource network management and developed an IT asset management practice that delivered hundreds of millions in annual savings, and at UBS where he developed the firm’s plan for a revamped digital platform. At Merrill Lynch Daniel developed and co-lead an organizational overhaul that reduced labor expense by 25% in 18 months (saving $100 million annually), an initiative one McKinsey partner described as “the best of its kind and one of the few to succeed in changing the operating model of a bank.” He also developed innovative operational disciplines that are now requirements in every relevant sourcing contract at the bank.

Prior to Merrill Lynch, Daniel ran Commodities and FX Options IT for Barclays Capital, and served as COO of a boutique financial services firm. Daniel spent his early career developing software for applications as diverse as airline scheduling and derivatives trading – applications known for user-friendliness and durability, some in use for over twenty years. His approach to business problems remains strongly influenced by his quantitative background and orientation toward scientific proof, as well as a keen sense of good design. He is currently helping a large hedge fund mature its financial management practice and is developing the operating plan and financial model for an investor group preparing for a large takeover.

Daniel holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Physics from Williams College and Master of Science degree from the Courant School of Math, New York University.